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Deft Interactive was created because Tiffany, the original founder, saw an opportunity in the lead generation business, which has received growing opposition in recent years. She saw that the current methods for acquiring new customers was not only responsible for burning out prospects but she also saw there was a lack of “heart” in the industry. Other companies have gone the route of casting a wide net, finding as many leads as possible and selling them to as many companies as possible. With her first-hand experience Tiffany was confident that she could produce a better product with a focus on building stronger relationships between client and consumer.

The result is a product that can track consumer behavior and utilizes an algorithm that identifies the most engaged consumers and who is most likely to convert into a customer. Our proprietary tool also “scrubs” prospects and weeds out leads that are unlikely to convert.  Deft Interactive not only helps companies identify the best prospects, the Founders are also determined to deliver a better experience than competitors by delivering engaging content that actually helps consumers make educated decisions about purchasing a product or service from its clients.

Several months and countless searches later, Arcelya joined Tiffany as a co-founder for Deft Interactive. Having previously worked together early in their careers, Tiffany and Arcelya found their working relationship and previous work experience created the perfect opportunity for each of them to bring valuable expertise to Deft Interactive and allowed each of them to utilize their own strengths to get the company off the ground.

Where Tiffany is the driving force behind the product, Arcelya is focused on Marketing and the User Experience. Combined, Tiffany and Arcelya have been delivering conversion and lead generation for over 15 years, and now they’ve combined forces, relying on their balance of skillsets and expertise to do the same for clients of Deft Interactive.



Meet the Founders

Sumuel, Tiffany


Tiffany S.

Comes to Considering College with extensive experience in Finance and Data Science. She studied at St Edwards University in Austin where she earned an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Finance. Tiffany continues to pursue her education, working toward a second Master’s Degree in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University and has attended the Founder’s Institute, a prestigious training program which enrolls only a limited number of students each year with the goal of developing new entrepreneurs.

Tiffany is the development guru behind Deft Interactive. She focuses her energies on building a product and driving sales for Deft Interactive, which has the opportunity to raise the standards for everyone in the industry.



Arcelya M.

Brings a background in Digital Marketing and Merchandising. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s  Degree in Marketing and has worked for some of the most well known retail e-commerce sites in the US, including national retailers like Macy’s and PetSmart. After completing her undergraduate degree she continued to take classes to hone her skills but quickly found a passion for other interests. She’s taken classes to learn to sew, knit, dance hip hop, make jewelry, improve her interior design skills, and she even practices bikram yoga.

Arcelya focuses her energy on developing the user experience, marketing and sales for Deft Interactive.





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