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Deft Interactive

We're a digital marketing agency specializing in bringing together businesses with the most highly engaged consumers

Target Your Audience

Identify the ideal demographic and focus your energy and efforts on acquiring consumers that fit the proper profile. We can help you narrow your focus for improved ROI.

Nurture Your Relationship

It's more cost-effective to retain a customer than to acquire a new one. We can help you focus your efforts on nurturing the relationship with your existing customers for long-term success.

Customize The Experience

A key element to nurturing your relationship with existing customers is to deliver a customized experience. Deft Interactive can take what you already know about your customer and help you drive a tailored experience.

Eliminate the Barrier

Understanding your prospective customer's needs, where they are in the purchase funnel and what is keeping them from becoming a customer are the keys to eliminating the barriers. Deft Interactive can help your company identify those barriers so you can tailor your message and turn a prospect into a customer.

Keep Track

We can help your company track engagement levels by telling you what content prospective customers are engaging with and identifying what questions they might have about your product or service.

Know What's Next

Our proprietary algorithm gets smarter with every new prospective customer and for that reason we can help your company identify the prospects that are most likely to turn into a customer so you can maximize use of your resources.

Data should be the driving force behind every idea your company pursues